Mohamed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghaly is an Egyptian professional soccer player who plays in the Premier League English Premier League Liverpool as a striker or on the right wing and captain of the Egyptian national team. Mohamed Salah was born on June 15, 1992 in the village of Najrig in the city of Basyoun Gharbiya Governorate, Luck did not help Salah to enroll in a large university. Rather preferred Joining the Wireless Institute because of the difficult financial conditions he experienced. In addition to his love of football, He was not able to enroll in high school in the city of Basyoun. because of His desire to stay in Cairo to join the Arab Contractors Club. Mohamed Salah is a hero in Egypt, the Arab world and even the rest of the world. Not just because An outstanding player and a skilled scorer, But also because of his imprint on charitable causes He devotes a large part of his fortune to her. Mohamed Salah came in eighth place in a list prepared by the newspaper “The British Times”. British for people who give the most charity around the scientist.
Among the donations made by Salah, $2.9 million to restore The Oncology Institute in Cairo, after it was destroyed in 2019. Also, Salah Known for his humanitarian work in the village of Najrig, His birthplace is in Gharbia Governorate Northern Egypt. Salah is very active on the humanitarian side. Where he has eight works prominent philanthropic, Which made him one of the young stars in the “Forbes” list, including This is the establishment of an Azhar religious institute at an amount of eight million Egyptian pounds. Incubation And an artificial respiration unit in the village of Nagrid, Basyoun Center, his hometown, in addition to Allocating monthly salaries to the poor of his village after moving to Basel, Switzerland. A few months after moving to Basel City, Donate to improve his school classes Primary , And also to establish a mosque inside the school, He also contributed to the establishment Dialysis unit for patients of his village. The Egyptian star also provided a large sum For an organization that helps families of retired players, Plus five million EGP 1 to the Long Live Egypt Fund, which helps hepatitis C patients. as such He made sure to donate up to five million pounds to hospitals and homes orphans in Tanta.
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