Ahmed Hassan Zewail, Known as the “Father of Femtochemistry”, Egyptian chemist American. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1999 for his work in chemistry feminology, Which made him the first Egyptian to win the Nobel Prize in a scientific field And the second African to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Dr. prepares Ahmed Zewail, a graduate of the University of Alexandria and an Egyptian scientist, won an award Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the year 1999 for his innovation of a very fast imaging system that works using The laser has the ability to monitor the movement of particles when they arise and when they fuse with each other The unit of time in which the image is taken is the femtosecond, which is one millionth of a second billionth of a second, It helped me to identify many diseases quickly as it has many patents for many scientific devices. He has published more than 350 scientific papers in specialized international scientific journals such as Scientific Journal Science and Nature magazine.
He gave hundreds of scientific lectures all over the world. His name was included in the honor list in the United States of America, which includes the most important figures who contributed to the renaissance His name came No. 18 out of 29 prominent personalities as the most important scientists laser in the United States (this list includes Einstein, and Graham Bell (. Dr. Ahmed Zewail has received many decorations, medals, and international awards His pioneering research in laser science and femtosecond science, for which he won 31 awards international. Egypt honored him, where he received several Egyptian awards, including the Order of Merit from the class The first by President Hosni Mubarak in 1995. And the Great Nile necklace, which is higher Egyptian medal, His name was given to some streets and squares. Authority also issued postage stamps with his name and image, Alexandria University awarded him an honorary doctorate His name was given to the Opera Salon. In April 2009, The White House announced the selection of Dr. Ahmed Zewail within the Council Advisors to the US President for Science and Technology, Which includes 20 eminent scientists in a number of areas.
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